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Wild Workout Wednesday: Delicious Green Smoothie

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Who has trouble eating their servings of fruits and veggies for the day?  I know that I have trouble with that.  Instead of eating my fruits and veggies I try to put all of them into a smoothie and have one every day.  I change it up every day and I try to come up with delicious and healthy smoothies.  Here is one that I tried yesterday and I love it.  I did add an avocado which made it thick and creamy.  If you like a thinner consistency you can skip the avocado.







Almond Milk

Vanilla protein powder

Place all ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

green smoothie


Wild Workout Wednesday: How to control and recongize emotional eating

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Do you eat more or crave junk food when you are stressed, angry or sad?? I think most people can relate.  Trust me, I have been there but I learned how to handle it and stop it completely. You just have to recognize when you are doing it and find a way to stop it.

How do you know when you are emotional eating?  Look for the following:

  1. Do you only crave junk food when your emotions are running high?
  2. Do you never find food that satisfies you?
  3. Do you use food as a reward?
  4. You can’t control how much food you eat. You keep eating and eating.

If you have noticed one or more of the example above you are probably emotional eating.  Don’t worry, there are a few ways to control this and even stop it for good.

  1. Learn how to control stress– I know this is one of the hardest things to do.  Sometimes things are out of our control and worrying about it will not help or make the situation better.  Sit down and really think about why you are so stressed and if you can find a solution.
  2. Are you bored? Sometimes we eat when we are bored or lonely.  If you are feeling like this you should read a book, call a friend and go out or go out to lunch or run errands.  Usually when you eat out of boredom you are not really hungry.  Find a hobby and keep yourself busy.
  3. Social emotional eating- Do you over eat or eat unhealthy when you are out with friends?  This is very common and very easy to do.  I usually look at the menu before I go out and find a healthy option or I ask the waiter to customize my meal.  Most places will do it for you if you ask nicely.
  4. When you get a craving all of a sudden stop and think about it. Ask yourself “Do I really need this or will I regret it later?”

I hope some of these tips will help you overcome emotional eating.  It is a process and it will take some time to completely figure out a way to stop it completely.  Let me know if you have any questions.  How do you control emotional eating??


Instead of eating junk or unhealthy sweets try this to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Wild Workout Wednesdays: HITT workout

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As a busy mom I understand that it is sometimes hard to get to the gym everyday or to spend hours working out.  I love HITT workouts because they get your heart rate going and they burn fat!  Who doesn’t want that?? J

Try the following workout and let me know how it goes. J Remember to take breaks when you need to.


Disclaimer:  I am not a personal trainer.  Please stop exercising immediately if you feel any discomfort or dizziness.  Please be sensible while working out.