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Wild Workout Wednesday Week #8: Busy mommies motivation group


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How many of you mommies struggle to find time to get anything done for yourself? Between running after your kids, taking them to activities and housework, it can get challenging to find time for yourself.  As a mom of a little girl, I completely understand.  As moms, we need to find time to workout and feed our family healthy meals. You can get a great and effective workout in just 30 minutes!  I do it 5-6 days a week!  Meal prepping has helped me cook healthy for my family and it decreases the amount of cleaning time in the kitchen everynight. I am starting a Busy Mommy motivation group where I will introduce you to quick and effective workouts, provide you with health recipes for your family, give you basic mommy tips and provide you with motivation and support with your fitness and nutrition.

My motivation group will start on March 1st!!

challenge pic 2

Support and motivation is essential in succeeding when it comes to exercising.  Our motivation group will take place in a closed group on facebook.  This will allow everyone to post their daily struggles and concerns privately. I will provide you with tips and suggestions on how to resolve your problem or struggles.  Most of the time, there are many people struggling with the same things but they are just too scared to talk about it.  In this group, we will be able to talk about everything openly and honestly.

I will also be giving tips on organization and time management for mommies.  I know that most mommies struggle with this and we are constantly tired.  I will be giving you some of my tips and suggestions on what has worked for me.

I am here to help you and motivate you in your fitness journey.  If you have started an exercise routine but didn’t finish due to lack to motivation or boredom, this challenge group is right for you!  I would love to help you!! If you are interested, please comment below or email me at


Wild Workout Wednesday Week 7: Blueberry and Strawberry Banana Cupcakes


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I have loved eating dessert ever since I was a little kid but things have certainly changed in the past few years. Instead of eating unhealthy and calorie filled desserts, I have learned how to satisfy my craving with healthy desserts. It is impossible for me to completely cut out desserts so I am always coming up with new healthy dessert recipes. Wouldn’t you love to eat something that tastes good and is healthy for you? Look no further, I have created this cupcake recipe for you!
Almond flour
4 Bananas
Egg whites
Blueberries & Strawberries (Optional)
Cinnamon (Optional)
Nutmeg (Optional)

Coconut oil for greasing pan

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Grease cupcake pan with coconut oil
Mash all 4 bananas into a soft mixture
Combine banana mixture and almond flour together and stir well. Mixture will be slightly
Mix in the honey and egg whites into the mixture and stir again
Add the remaining ingredients and stir
Pour mixture into cupcake pan. Mixture will rise, fill pan about halfway.
Bake for about 30 min
Let completely cool and take cupcakes out!

Enjoy! 

Wild Workout Wednesday Week #6- Healthy Bean soup recipe

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Even though the weather is warming up in Texas, I still love a good bowl of soup. My husband made a delicious bowl of bean soup last week. Here is the recipe:
-1 1/2- 2 cups of beans and put in pressure cooker( you can also use can beans)
-stir fry 1/4 onion in coconut oil and set aside
-cut about 3-4 tomatoes and set aside
-cut and wash about 2 cups of cilantro
-once the beans are done in the pressure cooker, drain about half of the water and keep the rest for broth
-add the onions, tomatoes and cilantro to the beans
– If you like an extra kick add some crushed black pepper to the beans

bean soup

What do you like in your bean soup?? I would love to hear what recipes you have.


Yoga and going out of my comfort zone- Week 5 of Wild Workout Wednesday linkup

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This year I’m all about trying new things and going out of my comfort zone. I have decided to start practicing yoga about 1-2 times a week. I have been doing this since January and I love it! I have been participating in 30 day challenges on Instagram. You can check out some of my poses on my instagram page (badge on sidebar). Instagram challenges are great because you have the hosts teaching you how to do the moves and you can ask them any questions you have about the pose or yoga in general. I used to practice yoga in High School and college and I found out that I lost all of my flexibility. That’s ok, that is something I need to work on.

I currently lift weights and do cardio about 5 times a week but yoga is completely different. Yoga requires flexibility, lots of arm strength and endurance. I never believed people when they said that yoga is relaxing but now that I am doing it I feel so much more relaxed afterwards. We all can use about 20-30 min a few times a week to just sit, relax and close our eyes. If you are a beginner, there are many different websites online that can help you start and guide you through the process.

I also bought a few new yoga pants to practice in ( just for fun). I will use any excuse to buy new workout clothes (any type of clothes actually). I bought a few mermaid tights and a few others with bright and bold prints. There are a few things I would like to accomplish with yoga:

1. Increase my overall flexibility

2. Gain a lot of arm strength. My arms are very weak, probably the weakest part of my body.

3. My ultimate goal is to be able to do a one arm handstand.

Who is interested in yoga? I would love to hear your experiences with yoga in the comments below. 🙂

I love reading everyone’s posts each week and getting to know a little bit about my fellow bloggers. Can’t wait to read all of the posts this week! 🙂

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