How to avoid candy overdose on Halloween

I love participating in the dish fit link up every week with the Fit Switch.  This week’s topic is:  How will you avoid candy overdose on Halloween?

I love this time of the year, starting with Halloween. This will be my daughters first Halloween.  My husband and I went back and forth on costumes and we finally decided on a bumblebee. J  Even though Halloween Is fun for the kids I always think about all of the candy and junk food kids receive on that day.  I haven’t been trick or treating in years but I have been giving out candy for a while.  I usually don’t buy took much candy to give out because I don’t want to be left with extra candy at the end of the night.  How am I going to stay away from candy this year since we are going out trick or treating with my daughter? I do believe in moderation and not complete deprivation.  I plan to have a few pieces on Halloween as a treat.  I don’t want to have a binge consumption of candy.  I have a few things planned on how to avoid binging on candy:

I will make sure I eat a full dinner before going trick or treating. If I am full I will not want to eat a lot of candy. Sometimes when we are hungry we will eat whatever is in sight to satisfy our hunger.

I plan on buying candy a day or two before Halloween and I usually don’t buy candy that I like (chocolate) so I’m not tempted to overload on it.  If it’s in the house for a long period of time I will be tempted to eat it.  I actually never keep any type of unhealthy dessert in the house.  I have found a few healthy dessert recipes for when that sweet tooth craving hits.  Check out my post on Healthy dessert recipes.

We tend to associate Halloween candy with our childhood and our carefree youth.  Instead we should think of candy as unhealthy foods that will raise our blood sugar.  This is actually something I have done within the last few years to resist any type of unhealthy foods.

The last thing I will do is make sure it’s not in the house the next day.  I will give whatever candy is left in the house to my husband to take to work the next day. Out of sight, out of mind.  If I don’t see it in the house, I will not think about it and want it.

How will you avoid a candy overdose this year?

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  1. That is a tough one! I do not try to buy to much candy so we don’t have leftovers and I will buy the stuff that I know the kids like that I don’t really care for to much- that helps! Like Nerds, who invented those things? Disgusting I can live with out them! 🙂


  2. jessicajoydurfee

    I love the, “give it all to hubby for him to take to work,” idea! Good one. And, so exciting for your daughter’s first Halloween; Aijah was a bumblebee for her first too! Now, we are still stumped for this year. eek. Sounds like you have everything dialed in. Thanks for linking up! I love reading your posts! Take care. @theFitSwitch


  3. True! I find that having a full tummy squashes cravings. Thanks for the healthy dessert recipe link, I’ll be sure to check them out. I’ll need some good ones for the holidays for sure.


  4. I send all of any leftover candy to work so it isn’t laying around the house for me to pick at it. OH no it has to get outta here.


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