How I fit in my exercise with my busy schedule

We all have busy lives between family, work, friends and running errands. Since we have to make an appointment to see the Dr or meet with friends we should do the same for a workout.  We should schedule a specific time during the day for our workouts.  I have to schedule my workouts around my baby’s naptime.  She usually sleeps for about 2 hours during lunchtime.  During these two hours I exercise to a 30 min high intensity exercise DVD.  This is a very intense 30 minute workout that has given me great results after having my baby.  I have to do things that will get me the maximum results within a short amount of time.  I need a short workout because I need to do other things around the house with these two hours.  If I miss this time to workout, I could try to o it in the afternoon but it most likely will not happen.  I get very tired in the evening and I get busy with my baby.  It is different for every baby and mother.  You should do whatever works for you and your baby.

It was a little difficult for me at first but now I have a good routine. As soon as my daughter does down for her nap, I literally drop what I’m doing and start my workout.  It feels odd if I don’t workout in the morning while she is napping because it is something that I have gotten used to every morning.  We have done on vacation twice since my baby was born.  I was able to keep my same routine while on vacation.  I take my DVD with me on vacation and I can workout on vacation when my baby is napping!

Most importantly, I exercise and eat healthy so I can stay strong for my baby girl. I try to stay fit so I can keep up with her and stay active during the day.  All new mothers know how tiring (and fun) it is t have a new baby. I honestly think I am not having very much trouble keeping up with my baby because I take care of myself by exercising 5- 6 days a week and I’m eating clean.

Everybody (with or without children) should incorporate some type of exercise in their daily activities. You can start slow with light jogging around the block and join people in fitness challenges/bootcamps. I would rather workout at home as opposed to going to the gym.  I prefer this because something could possibly happen to prevent you from leaving the house and going to the gym.

Check out what the Fit Pepper does to fit in her healthy eating during the day.

What do you do to stay on track with nutrition and fitness?

About prettyinpinkfitness

I am a mom of a beautiful baby girl and I have been married to my husband for 8 years. I am an online fitness coach with Beachbody. I am passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals and become a better version of themselves. I also love discussing anything related to clean eating and fashion.

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