Eating Clean During Pregnancy

Everyone asked me how I was able to eat clean while I was pregnant. Honestly this wasn’t a big transition for me because I was eating clean prior to pregnancy.  I believe that everyone should be eating clean but it’s extra important for pregnant ladies to eat healthy.  We need to be doing everything we can for that little baby growing inside of us.  Eating healthy during pregnancy will also help the baby’s immunity once they are born.

Unfortunately, I did have quite a bit of morning sickness (yeah right, more like all day sickness J) during the first trimester.  I was craving a lot of carbs, desserts and unhealthy foods.  I was determined to continue to eat healthy even if I was craving junk food.  Instead of white carbs I ate ezeickel bread, tortilla and English muffins.  To satisfy my dessert craving I came up with some healthier dessert options.  I had banana ice cream with strawberries or a few pieces of dark chocolate chips.  I made the banana ice cream by blending a banana in a blender with almond milk and then freezing the mixture.  Unfortunately, the sight and smell of vegetables made my nausea worse.  The only thing I was able to eating was spinach leaves. All of a sudden my morning sickness went away after the first trimester.  After the nausea was gone all of my unhealthy cravings went away also.  From the second trimester on I did not have any problems eating clean and I went back to my normal eating habits.

I highly recommend that women start eating clean prior to pregnancy because it does take some time to get used to the change. It is not something that happens overnight.  You will slowly have to change your diet everyday.  You can’t just go cold turkey and cut everything out because you will feel deprived.  When you feel deprived, you binge later on unhealthy foods.

Don’t let people tell you that “you are eating for two.” At the same time, you should never starve or deprive yourself of eating when you are hungry during pregnancy.  All doctors will tell you that you only need a few hundred extra calories per trimester.  If you are extremely hungry, the key is to eat healthy food, not junk food.  There were many times late at night during pregnancy when I was very hungry.  At that time I ate chicken, vegetables and a spoon of humus.

With a lot of dedication and self control with food and exercise I only gained 23 lbs during pregnancy. I lost all of the weight with 2 ½ weeks and I was back in my pre pregnancy clothes.  I am telling you this because I want all of the ladies to know that is possible to stay healthy during pregnancy and bounce back very quickly after giving birth.  All I had to do to stay focused with my eating and exercise was to think about my little baby.

I do all of this so I can stay healthy and energetic for my family. I need all of the energy right now so I can keep up with my six month old baby girl. J  I want to encourage and lead by example for my family, friends and everyone else around me.

pregnancy picture

About prettyinpinkfitness

I am a mom of a beautiful baby girl and I have been married to my husband for 8 years. I am an online fitness coach with Beachbody. I am passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals and become a better version of themselves. I also love discussing anything related to clean eating and fashion.

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